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You might have heard of diamond painting or 5D diamond painting or paint with diamonds or diamond art recently, which isn’t surprising. Like a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting is the new creative hobby that’s taking the crafting world by storm. You simply apply colorful resin rhinestones to richly pigmented canvas paintings. The result? Visually dazzling, mosaic diamond artworks that sparkle, shimmer and shine.

There’s any number of collections you can choose from, with many different products out there. There are characters, animals, landscapes, cartoons, flowers, etc. You can get it delivered worldwide.



People describe diamond painting as more relaxing than any other craft because of how calming it feels to place the diamonds one by one. The hours fly by as you channel your creativity into a stunning finished artwork.

It’s fun, easy—and it's for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or looking for your first creative outlet, you can make beautiful diamond art with little effort and no mess!

It’s the new hobby that lets you unwind while creating something you’ll be proud of.


It's so easy to get started!
1, Open the box, check the kits whether complete
2, According to the color code, choose a color into the plate;If you paste the same color at the same time, you can increase the speed
3, Find the symbols in picture, beginning paste until finish it
4. When you finish it,put some books on top, let it more firmly
5. Congratulations, you can go to frame up and decorate your home now


1. Vivid, premium-quality canvas
2. Extra-reflective resin diamonds matched to the canvas color codes
3. An applicator tool, tray and wax to easily place diamonds on the canvas
4. Simple instructions and a color-coded chart to perfectly match diamonds to the canvas

You choose the art, the canvas size and the shape of the diamond to customize your artwork. We ship the materials for your next masterpiece!


Round diamonds: These kits are easier and faster to use. Note: You will see the colors of the canvas between the round diamonds. Many of our painters love this look.
Square diamonds: This shape takes longer to place, but fit together edge-to-edge with no canvas showing for a complete mosaic effect.

Each of these collections can choose round diamonds or square diamonds, welcome to choose the method you like.


Diamond art painting is simple, easy and perfect for creatives of all ages.
To get from kit to masterpiece quicker, follow these simple diamond painting tips:

  1. Lay all materials on a flat surface, organized and within easy reach. Select a section of the painting to work on first.
  2. Review the coded chart on the canvas to identify the colors in that section. Choose one color to begin and locate the corresponding packet of diamonds.
  3. Deposit the packet of diamonds in the small tray provided.
  4. Gently shake the tray back and forth so the diamonds settle with the flat side down. The faceted side must be facing up when you use the applicator to pick each diamond up.
  5. Slowly remove the plastic film from the canvas as you work section by section to protect the design from dust and keep the adhesive from wearing off.
  6. Apply diamonds starting at the bottom corner of the design, carefully working your way up the canvas.
  7. After each session, cover the wax on the applicator with cellophane. Replace the plastic film over the area on which you were working.
  8. Once the painting is complete, place the plastic protective film on top of the diamonds. Use a rolling pin or book to carefully and gently press the canvas, securing diamonds firmly into place.

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